About Us

Star Plater History

Chromium Plating Company was established in 1929 and focused its services to the oil industry and general metal finishing. In 1972, William Tabler, Sr. purchased the company and has directed it to meeting the demands of the oil, automotive, and manufacturing industries. William has been in control since 1979 and remains the CEO of the wholly owned corporation. Chromium Plating Company believes that the customer is still King! We try hard to meet our customer’s demands and we can accomplish this only with a team of dedicated employees empowered to meet the tasks.


In 2004, our company was selected from several suppliers to process several million small parts through an electroplating process. The parts were required to be rack-plated due to the tight tolerance and flatness call out in the specifications. We researched the market to find an automated material handling system that could handle the large annual work load. It was determined that the machines available to us were extremely expensive, took up considerable floor space, and had a long delivery time. We decided to undertake the challenge of designing, building, and operating equipment that would fit our needs.


Chromium Plating Company had the great luck of being a member of the Oklahoma Alliance of Manufacturers. Through the Alliance, we were teamed with a Mechanical Engineer, who was connected to the Oklahoma State University Engineering Department, to help us design the system. Chromium Plating Company had the experience of purchasing equipment and installing automated systems through their past 77 years of experience. Their desire was to build a compact automated plating system using their knowledge of the chemical processes and to create the Star Plater Automated chemical process system.

Design by Seed Technologies

Star Plater is automated plating machinery and equipment that is custom-desingned to provide the following unique features: small floor space, no proprietory hardware or software, ready to deliver in short amounts of time, fast on-site set-up, streamlined time form order to production, and high production rates. Clients are able to perform metal plating (chrome plating, copper plating, etc.) in short times with high volumes of production. The process is highly automated. The equipment (the plating system) is designed to facilitate automated plating processes and provide metal plating services. Star Plater can be used as a chrome plating, copper plating, metal plating, electro- plating machinery and equipment.