Star Plater supplies plating equipment and sell plating equipment and plating machines to aid with copper plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, and gold plating services. Their automated plating machines automate the plating of copper plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, and gold plating with automated plating machines and plating systems. Star Plater uses automating plating systems and automated plating machines to automate copper plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, and gold plating services.

Star Plater Specifications

Material Handling Section:  
Diameter fully assembled 14 feet
Height 110 inches
Weight 3,600 lbs. estimated
Construction material Steel Structural Tubing
Lift height 37.5 inches
Lifting mechanism 10 HP SEW Eurodrive
Rotating mechanism .5 HP SEW Eurodrive
Lift Rail Steel with HCr coating
Lift Bearing Pacific Polymer Bearing
Lift capacity, Total (assuming 36 arms)    2000 pounds
Individual Arm Capacity 55 pounds
Motor Control Center size 72L x 14W x 89H
Motor Control Center weight 1100 pounds
Power Requirement 200 amps, 480 volt 60 cycle
Automation Controller Allen Bradley
Touch Panels E-Z Automation
Process Tanks:  
Material of construction High Density Polypropylene
Shape Isosceles trapezoid
   Length of tank front to back 42 inches
   Width of tank, front 12 inches
   Width of tank, back 24 inches
   Depth of tank 27 inches
Maximum Operating Temperature 160 F
Circulating & Transfer Tanks:  
Circulating tanks 12 each
Transfer tanks 3 each
Construction material High Density Polypropylene
Shape Rectangle
   Length x Width x Depth 48 x 42 x 29
Maximum Operating Temperature 160 F
Circulating pumps: March Pumps
   Quantity for single system 11 each
   Quantity for dual system 19 each
Filtration 6 each Flow King
Support Equipment:  
Solution heaters Process Technology
Air Agitation blower 1 HP Ring Compressor
Dry off Blower 10 HP Ring Compressor
D.C. Power Supply 3 each Clinton Power
   Input 480 Volt x 18 amps
   Output 2-9 Volt x 1000 amps
Plating Racks copper & stainless with PVC coating
  specific to Customer's process and part



Design by Seed Technologies

Star Plater is automated plating machinery and equipment that is custom-desingned to provide the following unique features: small floor space, no proprietory hardware or software, ready to deliver in short amounts of time, fast on-site set-up, streamlined time form order to production, and high production rates. Clients are able to perform metal plating (chrome plating, copper plating, etc.) in short times with high volumes of production. The process is highly automated. The equipment (the plating system) is designed to facilitate automated plating processes and provide metal plating services. Star Plater can be used as a chrome plating, copper plating, metal plating, electro- plating machinery and equipment.